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Frequently Asked Questions

Your website has changed! Should I do anything specific now?

That’s right! In December 2023, we switched to a new booking system to improve your experience. We also upgraded our website. To continue using your account, a few small actions are required.

Bookings for lessons and all the details of your membership or class card have already been moved to our new system, and ready to be used.

Follow these steps to create a new password and change your profile and payment details:

Click on ‘login’ at the top right of the page to go to our new booking system, then select ‘Forgot your password?’ Enter your e-mail address you have used so far to log in to us, and click ‘OK’. You will then receive an email from Bsport to create a new password.
Click on the ‘Create Password’ button in this email to create a new password. In the ‘Edit Password’ screen, you can enter a new password, make sure you enter the same password twice, and then click ‘OK’ to save this password.
You can now log in to your account and you will see several tabs on the left side of this page. Click on ‘Profile’ and check if all your details are correct. If you currently have an active membership, click on ‘Subscriptions’ and select ‘Add’ to enter your payment details.

Ready! You can now book the classes of your choice and start taking them. We look forward to seeing you again soon in the studio!

I forgot my password and/or username
Your username is your email address. Click on the Login button at the top right of the page and enter the email address you used to use us before. You will then receive an email from Bsport with a link to change your password. It is possible that this message lands in your spam.
Does a subscription start on the first of day of the month, or can I start at any time?
You don’t need to wait. You can start at any time. Your subscription will be prorated till the end of the month and it will renew automatically on the first the of the month afterwards.
Which membership of pass suits me the best?
Are you visiting us for the first time? Then you can take advantage of our 1 Class Trial Pass for free. Or if you want to try different type of classes before you decide, you can choose 3 Class Trial Pass for a discounted price. Please note, both of them are available for your selection once.

If you’re a regular visitor, then a monthly subscription is probably the most cost-effective option for you. They are kept simple and gives you unlimited access.
Do you take Mysore yoga class? Then the Mysore monthly subscription – Unlimited is for you and you can join any class with it, not limited to Mysore.
Do you take any class by Mysore? Then the Regular monthly subscription – Mysore not included will give you unlimited access to all our classes (expect Mysore) throughout the month.

Do you prefer 1-on-1 lesson with a Teacher? Then Private class is designed for you!

Do you visit the studio a little less often and would you like to use your lessons for a little longer than 1 month? Then choose one of our lesson cards! You can choose between a 5 lesson card (valid for 2 months from your first lesson), a 10 lesson card (valid for 4 months). Of course you can always pay for 1 single lesson!

I would like to extend the validity of my pass.
Depending on which card you have, the card is valid for a specific number of months. We only renew in exceptional cases. Please contact us.
I would like to receive a refund
We do not give refunds on products already purchased.
How do I book a class?
To book a class, scroll up and go to the class you would like to take. You can book up to 3 weeks in advance. When you’re ready to book the class, click on ‘Book’.

If there are available products in your account (such as a pass or subscription) you can select them here to pay for your lesson. Then click on the ‘Book’ button to complete your reservation.

If there are currently no active products available in your account, you can select the product of your choice and then enter your credit card number or select another payment method. Accept our Terms & Conditions by ticking the box and then click on ‘Confirm Payment’.

Your purchase is now complete and your lesson has been reserved. A confirmation email is on its way.

Is it possible to book a private lesson?

Yes, a number of yoga teachers also offer private classes, which are adapted to your specific goals and skills. Whether you are practicing yoga for the first time, want to deepen your yoga practice, or are looking for support with an injury… We will find the right support for you! If you would like to schedule a private lesson, you can contact us at

How do I cancel a class?
Your current bookings are visible in your account in your Dashboard. You can find your account by clicking on Login at the top right of the screen. Then select the ‘Overview’ tab. Studio classes can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance.
Do your teachers offer physical assistance / adjustments?
Some teachers offer physical modifications during the yoga class, they will always ask for your permission before touching you. If you’d rather not be touched, let your teacher know that you’d prefer them to offer you verbal cues to support the pose you’re in.
I think I left something in the studio after class. What should I do?
All found objects are stored in our studio for 1 month, so don’t worry! If you drop by the studio 15 minutes before or after a lesson, one of our teachers can help you view our lost and found. All items that have not been collected after a month will be donated to charity.
I’m pregnant, what classes can I take?
During your pregnancy you can participate in all our classes. Depending on how you feel, you’ll find soon enough whether or not these classes feel right for you during your pregnancy. Always let your teacher know that you are pregnant, so that this can be taken into account when preparing the lesson and they can recommend options to you during the lesson. Listen carefully to your body during yoga classes, take breaks, and adjust your yoga practice when and where necessary. After all, what your body needs now can be very different from what you are used to!

We also offer a special Pre & Post Natal Yoga class. Check our calendar for them.

What should I bring?
It’s always nice and warm at The Attic. Airy clothing, such as a t-shirt and shorts, is a great choice. For our quieter classes, you can bring comfortable socks and a sweater to put on during the final relaxation.

You can use one of our yoga mats for free, which you asked to clean after the class. We provide cleaning towels and disinfection spray.

Yoga is practiced barefoot, so we take off our shoes on the first floor when entering the studio.

Make sure you drink enough before and after your lesson. You can bring a water bottle to the studio and take sips of water as needed during class.

Yoga props, like eye pillow, bolster, blanket, yoga belt and yoga blocks are available in our studio and can be used without extra cost. You are welcome to bring extra props to our studio to support your yoga practice, if you’d like.