Private Yoga Classes at The Attic in the Hague

Private Yoga

Practice yoga at your own pace. In private.
We are all unique. Our physical constitutions differ. Our minds differ. Our life situations vary. Our goals are also individual.

A group class cannot do everything. You might want to learn the fundamentals or enhance your postures, overcome fears or injuries, deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy, or learn breathing techniques and meditation. Or maybe it’s just that group class schedules do not accommodate your availability.

Private yoga classes provide a powerful tool to customize the class according to your specific requirements and derive maximum benefits from your 60-minute sessions. With one-on-one focus, our yoga teachers can give you exactly what you need.

The advantages of a Private Yoga Class:

  • Receive dedicated attention
  • Practice a yoga class tailored to your individual needs
  • Benefit from hands-on adjustments to help improve your postures
  • Explore areas of interest in greater depth
  • Enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance

Let’s have a personal conversation to better understand what you want to achieve from your lessons. Based on that, we will leverage our expertise to develop a customized schedule that aligns with your goals.

Private Yoga Classes at The Attic in The Hague