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One of the best Ashtanga classes I’ve ever been to!

Edwin led us carefully through the sequence and introduced some poses I don’t usually get to in ashtanga, but which I’m super excited to try again. Lots of gentle guidance and corrections when needed, I will definetly come back

A Classpass User

Lovely! Can recommend!

Such a nice studio space, light and cozy and Laoise was very welcoming. Small group size, personal adjustments and good energy.

A Classpass User

Great atmosphere in the room and really felt relaxed and energized after the class.

The instructor guided us throughout the session helping out with the right positions and even aiding me and offering me alteratives when I couldn’t do the pose.

A Classpass User

Loved every second and will come back

Intimate lesson with a lot of attention to details and personal help getting the positions right.

Malou Oosterhof

Fijne rustige les, heel kleinschalig en goede focus op houding

Zoe Buijnsters

Hele fijne ashtanga led les. Docent weet waar hij het over heeft en de sfeer heel prettig.

Renata Pronk

Very relaxing yoga, cozy place and great teacher

Anna Godziuk

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